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Danger 3 - Too hot to paint

Problem: Left with unsightly brush marks, uneven application, and perhaps paint bubbles.


• If the paint is applied when it's too hot, it will simply dry too quickly causing irreversible problems. Your paint will show the immediate signs of distress and will remain unsightly

• Chemistry plays a part in the formation of bubbles. In hot weather, the paint dries from the inside out, rather than the more desirable outside in. The paint's solvents are trapped and become vaporized

• Painting when it's too hot makes it hard to keep up with the drying process. The brush marks show easily, it's hard to brush paint on in even thicknesses, and it becomes a messy application. Cooler weather gives you back the control and the finish is smooth and easy on the eye, with no nasty brush lines

• Use a fan or air conditioner to help keep freshly applied paint from drying too quickly (better for inside work). Water-based paints are compatible with Flotrol, while Penitrol works with oil paints; these are commercially available paint "extenders" designed to help improve paint flow for brush and roller work. Linseed oil can also be used to extend the drying time for solvent-based finishes. Don't go crazy with extenders as the performance of your paint may suffer. Thinning paint with water or mineral spirits may seem like a good idea to create an easier flow, but it only makes things worse, often speeding up the dry time.

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