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Danger 2 - Mixing Paint Types

Problem: Layers of paint peeling away from each other, or you're able to scratch the top coat off with your fingernail.


Oil-based paint will (almost) stick to anything (dirt, water-based paint, etc.)

• Water-based paint won't stick to it, other than apart from a perfectly prepared service.

• You cannot put a water-based paint on top of any oil-based top coat - it won't stick and you'll be able to scratch it off with your nail. It is possible to get a special oil-based primer that water-based paint can stick to, but it's best to keep to one type of paint (either water, or oil-based) if you're doing the job yourself.

• If you want to upgrade an old, damaged oil paint then you need to fully remove the old paint (stripping), treat the weather-boards for rust or rot, then choose whether to re-apply oil or use a water-based paint

• For the best results, apply three coats of paint: one base coat followed then by two top coats


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