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DANGER 1 - Moist surfaces

Problem: Paint not drying or sticking to the surface.

Surfaces not properly dried before coating can cause paint failure and loss of adhesion. Applying paint to areas of a house that are predominantly in the shade, such as basements and south sides, require particular care. Due to the moist conditions, mould and fungal growth will be evident. These can cause harm to not only the painted surfaces but also to the timber itself. This can result in rotted joinery, weatherboards, or worse still, timber wall framing.



• Trim trees back from the building. Trees and foliage bring lichen and pollen that can penetrate exterior coatings

• Install correct drainage, both on the surface and under the ground

• Check that gutters are cleaned, that they have the correct fall, and that they are in condition to disburse water flows adequately away from the building

• Avoid painting surfaces that are wet or not completely dried out, or which have been sealed and therefore have no way to breathe and dry. Painting will result in the paint chipping off or discolouring.

• Avoid painting exterior surfaces just before it rains. This can be every bit as harmful as putting paint on a wall that's already wet. Avoid painting for a total of eight hours: the four hours preceding the arrival of wet weather and the four that follow. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it's a useful guide to stay on the safe side

• If a wall is unclean, do not prime or paint it - clean it first. A water blaster is the best option


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